Revolution G-Neck® Lets change the game rules

The desgin patented Revolution G-Neck® is the perfect combination of wood and metal. The neck consists of an aluminum profile that includes a wooden fingerboard and neck profile. It combines the stiffness of aluminium necks with the traditional look and the smooth organic touch of wood. The additional weight of metal is compensated by the headless shape and a hollow body. The guitars offer an unbelievable playing experience due to their quick response. In terms of sound, aluminum is convincing anyway with its defined sound and endless sustain.

- No more trussrod adjusments

- Overwhelming tuning stability.

- The sound charactristic of wood combained with a mindblowing sustain of Aluminium.

- The familiar appearance and haptic of organic woood still remains.

- Individeull Fretboard inlays and different neck profiles are possible.


The Revolution G-Neck® was invented by Maan Ridwan and is featured exclusivley on Maan-Guitars.


Questions and answers


What can i expect from the revolution G-Neck that is different from a standard wooden neck with trussrod?

satisfaction with a wide smile on your face as soon as you hit a power chord. The Revolution G-Neck® rings like a bell and reacts much faster than a wooden neck.  It feels like holding a powerful tool in your hand that will do what ever you want it to. 


How does the revolution G-Neck® react to temperature changes?

Aluminum expands and contracts more and faster than wood when exposed to different temperatures.  Thirty minutes at room temperature usually accomplishes the acclimation and set the instrument to a state that never changes easily again.


How is the overall weight of the instrument?

Due to the fact that the neck is not completely made of aluminum the weight is more or less comparable to a wooden guitar. Between 2,2-2,9kg. But definitely not more.


Does the revolution G-Neck® feels and plays much different from a standard wooden neck?

yes, Revolution G-Neck reacts much better to your finger movments and has great attack. Regarding the playability there is no difference between the necks. 


How about 7 and 8 strings guitars? which scales are possible?

6 and 7 strings necks and guitars are available. 8 Strings guitar are still in progress. Standard and multiscales till 26" are available. Bariton guitars are not possilbe at the time being.  


How about bass necks?

Bass necks are in progress and will be available soon.


Are different colors instead of black for aluminum possible?

Yes.  Anodizing comes in a variety of colors. Just ask for the color you desire.


Do you have any necks for sale that i can attach to an exisiting bode?

There will be in the future necks that you can buy separatley to put into your exisiting guitar body. You can always ask for that.