Guitar specification

you have a certain specification in mind? then let us give it a shape. fill the form below. After submitting you would get a full renderd Pictures of the guitar with a qoute and an estimated delivery time. Of course you can ask for other specifications if not listed. You can also find some wood combination as a suggestion. Feel free to pick one of these or replace some parts among:

Combination 1

Top: Ziricote

Body: Cherrywood

Neck: Cherrywood

Fretboard: Maple birdseye





Combination 2

Top: Ash

Body: Mahagony

Neck: Mahagony

Fretboard: Maple birdseye





Combination 3

Top: Poplar Burl

Body: Walnut

Neck: Walnut

Fretboard: Palisander





Kombination 4

Top:            Walnut

Body:          Maple

Neck:          Maple

Fretboard:  Ziricote





Kombination 5

Top:            Walnut

Body:          Ash

Neck:          Ash

Fretboard:  Ziricote





Kombination 5

Top:            Curly maple

Body:          Black walnut

Neck:          Black walnut

Fretboard:  Curly maple





Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.