Custom Guitar

Take a look at the available woods and configure your own guitar. The guitar will be built extactly with the pictured pieces of wood. After submitting you would get a qoute with the total price and an estimated delivery time. Of course you can ask for other specifications if not listed. You can also find some wood combination as a suggestion. Feel free to pick one of these or replace some parts among:

Combination 1

Top:                         Black Limba

Body:                       Mahagony

Neck:                       Mahagony

Fretboard:               Maple birds eye





Combination 2

Top:                         Zircote

Body:                       Oliveash

Neck:                       Ash

Fretboard:               Palisander





Combination 3

Top:                         Walnut

Body:                       Maple

Neck:                       Maple

Fretboard:               Walnut





** If you want to personalize your guitar, please email me the symbol you would like to immortalize on the guitar after submitting this form. I'll check the feasibility and then return with a 2D drawing of the personalized guitar.