The different kind of electric guitars

Revolution G-Neck®

The perfect combination of metal and wood to offer the ultimate playing exprience.


Developed and designed with simplictiy to use and maximize the advantages of a headless guitar resulting in eternal sustain, smooth tunability and overwhelming consistency of sound.

why only headless?

Well, the real question is "why headstock?". The important part of the string is between bridge and nut. Every string piece and mechanical part in addition is unnecessary and might have disadvantages. Removing the headstock effects:

  • Sustain: String vibration behind nut also damps the swing of the string. eliminating this results in more Sustain and punch.
  • Tuneability: less parts (tuners and string piece behind nut) => less friction and climate change effects.
  • Weight: The weight of additional wood and tuners. Take that load off your shoulders.
  • Size: shorter length => less space and during travling and playing.
  • Price: removing a piece of wood and 6 Tuners also effects the price ;-)

I build my own headless-hardware with main focus on these points. Well actually the most important thing is:

" The less friction you have in your guitar (swinging system) the more energy you can transform in acoustic vibration resulting in more sustain and consistency of sound.  


Headless guitars are becoming more common for this. The rare "weird" look of the guitar might be a reason for a lot of people to look away. I think this is something you might come around with. Therefore you have a well balanced guitar with alot of benefits on tone and handling.